In collaboration with Lost Acres Vineyard 

Body Mapping Workshop

Sunday, April 30th, 9am to 12pm


Join Kristal Fiorentino, Yoga Therapist and Life Coach, for a journey through the Body, where we will:

  • reveal dis-ease in the body
  • map energy centers
  • identify areas of intensity
  • discuss tools to clear and balance blockages

After a yoga practice, Kristal will guide you through a visualization of the physical body and energetic chakra system, where you will identify areas of tension then notate areas of intensity on your life-size body map.

Afterwards, Kristal will "decode" your map and discuss various yoga therapy tools that can assist with balancing the centers on an energetic and physical level.

These energy centers, or chakras, are responsible for emotions, traits, and certain conditions. By opening, balancing, and integrating these energy centers we can access our deepest truths, essential wholeness and true Self.

Pre-registration is required.

Here are the details:

Sunday, April 30th, 9am to 12pm, bring:

  • yoga mat
  • blanket or bolster to sit on
  • water bottle
  • NO yoga or meditation experience required.
  • Workshop investment is $65.00*
  • ALL mapping materials provided.

Kristal’s expertise lies in being able to decode the body’s physical language, helping clients to uncover the root cause of dis-ease in the body and mind.  

By blending her extensive experience in yoga methodology, the latest information in neuroscience and her uncanny intuition, Kristal leads life-changing workshops around the country and assists her private clients in healing chronic illness and developing mindset shifts to transforms all areas of life. 

If you want more information, visit or send an email to

This workshop will take place at the beautiful Lost Acres Vineyard, 

80 Lost Acres Road, North Granby CT.

The Vineyard's hours the day of this event are 12pm to 5pm, so plan to stay after the workshop and enjoy the view and a glass of wine!

Space is limited. I keep these workshops small and intimate, so that you get the most out of our time together! 

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