Yoga 4 Anxiety

Saturday, May 6th 9am to 12pm


Do you often feel anxious? Suffer from:

  • racing thoughts
  • inability to focus
  • heart palpitations
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • gastric issues
  • irritable bowel

These are just some of the symptoms experienced by those that suffer from intermittent or chronic anxiety.

Yoga can help. Yoga can heal.

Kristal Fiorentino, certified Yoga Therapist & intuitive Life Coach specializes in treating anxiety in clients, and she will breakdown the ins and outs of anxiety and then allow you to experience the prescriptive benefits of yoga, meditation and mindset.

These tools will help alleviate the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety and allow you to begin healing your relationship with anxiety on all 5 layers of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

No experience needed.

For this workshop, please bring:

  • yoga mat
  • bolster or blanket to sit on
  • water
  • sweatshirt (body temp may fluctuate).

Cost is $45.oo*. Space is limited so registration is required.

 Workshop Location:

Lost Acres Vineyard, 80 Lost Acres Rd, North Granby, CT

*Since these workshops have a limited number of spaces available, all ticket purchases are final and nonrefundable. If weather inteferes, an alternate date will be scheduled.